About us

Vsr Arts is a destination for curated artistic Thanjavur paintings and was founded in 1990 by V. Sheela rani. Since 1990, we have helped 1000+ customers worldwide, with a relentless focus on quality and curation, we bring to you a handpicked selection of customised Thanjavur paintings. Each piece at Vsr Arts is crafted by reputed, trustworthy and 35 years of well-experienced artist V Sheela rani, so that you can truly enjoy your experience of discovering detailed artworks.

At Vsr Arts. We bring years of expertise to tailor-made arts and you can customise any part of our art collection and we can source anything into an art precisely to match your needs to make it more unique and luxurious.

About Sheela rani

V Sheela rani is an art enthusiast, artistic skills are born out of passion. She is a self-taught artist with profound 35 years of experience in 25+ different types of arts. Thanjavur paintings is the one that attracts her most magically and holds ancient art techniques alive, and offering her contemporary Indian hand-drawn Thanjavur painting worldwide.

After her law graduation, her professional career path puts her passion into a small zone in 24 hours. But Passion never stops pursuing her artistic vision. Her interest as a hobbyist art-making naturally made so many eyes Stop and Stare. That's where passion turns into a serious business. She's now proud to say that out of 1000+ clients worldwide, she has not had a single client disappointed with their purchase and has had no requests for a return.

Her inspiration and well-wisher Y. G. Parthasarathy enabled her to open this treasure of artistic vision in herself. V Sheela rani even got an appreciation letter from Y.G Parthasarathy. Her biggest clients are Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited, Padma Seshadri Group of schools and her Thanjavur art paintings has been curator of several regular exhibitions in India.

Vsr Arts Courses

The Vsr Academy of Arts aspires to be a centre of creativity, learning, and expertise in the field of art. Through an enduring commitment to traditional skills and a strong passion and engagement with contemporary discourse, the Academy will empower a new generation of artists.

We conduct joyful technical and practical training in the course period of creative arts. Vsr students are taught traditional methods, techniques, stories behind each art and encouraged to use these skills to make vital contemporary art. The Vsr Academy serves as a creative and intellectual centre for all passionate artists.

The current art courses we offer:

  1. Thanjavur painting
  2. Kerala Mural
  3. Warli art
  4. Gond art
  5. Coffee art
  6. Rajasthan art on velvet cloth
  7. Several types of Mural
  8. Rangoli on water
  9. Aluminium sheet embossing
  10. Jewellery art
  11. Glass painting
  12. Fusion glass art
  13. Tiles painting

We believe that rigorously trained artists are best able to realise their artistic vision.
Contact for more information about courses with Mrs. V Sheela rani.